Are used graphics cards worth the risk? | Ask an expert

Q: I know that shopping for a applied graphics card will come with hazard. What helps make the gamble acceptable?

A: The response depends. Although this getting tactic can help save a whole lot of money, we typically advise from employed desktop graphics playing cards. That is primarily so all through situations like these, when the possibility of having a GPU battered by crypto-mining use is significantly larger. As my colleague Brad Chacos, our resident GPU expert, likes to point out, discrete graphics playing cards have a lot of shifting sections, and they are simple to overclock. Individuals two factors put together make them a a lot a lot more risky wager to stake cold difficult funds on—put sufficient worry on a GPU, and it’ll have a better likelihood of succumbing to an previously-than-predicted demise. Add on the brutality of normal mining workloads, and that card could go toes-up even more quickly. You don’t want to be the one trapped with it then.

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