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NVIDIA RTX 30 ‘Ampere’ GPU Supply Evaporates From The Market As Second Hand Prices Increase By Up To 200%

Almost a month after Ethereum’s Proof-of-stake consensus mechanism went online, the market has been flooded with used GPUs. RTX 3060s could be found as low as $99 and if you were willing to take the risk that the GPU might conk out on you after a few months – then there were some seriously sweet
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NVIDIA RTX 6000 48 GB Workstation Graphics Card Available For $7350 US: 18,176 Cores, 300W TBP, 91 TFLOPs Horsepower

NVIDIA’s flagship workstation graphics card, the RTX 6000, based on the Ada GPU architecture is now available for $7350 US. NVIDIA’s RTX 6000 Is A Workstation Behemoth With 18,176 Cores, 48 GB Memory, 91 TFLOPs Compute Horsepower, and 300W TBP at $7350 US The NVIDIA RTX 6000 graphics card is aimed at the workstation segment
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