Category: AMD GPU Shortages

Graphics DRAM Prices Expected To Rise By As Much As 13% In The Contract Market, PC Market & Console Manufacturing Are Large Contributors

There are a lot of components that have contributed to the ongoing graphics card shortage, and a person of them has been the graphics DRAM costs. With selling prices up 200% more than the typical in the agreement industry and up 100% in excess of the ordinary in the place marketplace, graphics DRAM is highly-priced
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Both Nvidia & AMD Are Facing Shortages On Its Newest Releases Affecting Both Consumers And Businesses – Intel Is Not Having Any Shortages

Shortages on the latest technology released by Nvidia and AMD continue to plague the consumer market, but these shortages are not only affecting the consumer market. Many would assume that the prebuilt sector would be faring better than the consumer market with its ability to directly negotiate with manufacturers, but it is quite the contrary,
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