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Don’t Buy A GPU Right Now: Prices Hit 6-Month Low In Global Markets As US Prepares For A Price Crash

Well well well, looks like the tide is finally turning. The markets are a fickle mistress and for the first time in almost a year and a half, the market looks like it might be preparing for a crash. Prices in Germany (3DCenter) have hit a 6 month low and Chinese miners are continuing to
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AMD & NVIDIA Graphics Card Prices Returning To Normal As GPU Supply & Availability Continues To Improve

AMD & NVIDIA graphics card prices are showing signs of recovery as we enter the third quarter of 2021. Based on 3DCenter’s latest report, it looks like the worst is over and GPU supply is returning to normal as seen on various European retailers. AMD & NVIDIA Graphics Card Prices Returning To Normal As GPU
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Over 14,000 NVIDIA GPUs Have Been Sold On eBay This Year Alone And The Resale Price Is Going Up As Time Goes On

And the news continues to get worse for people trying to build a new system. Those looking to buy graphics cards are competing between scalpers and miners to get cards. Mind you, many allege that NVIDIA is directly selling cards to miners. Some may say, I’ll settle for a gaming laptop, but miners are also
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