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NVIDIA Ada Lovelace ‘GeForce RTX’ & AMD RDNA 3 ‘Radeon RX’ Next-Generation GPUs Rumored To Be More Than Twice As Fast Than Ampere & RDNA 2

Information regarding the next-generation GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD has been rumored by the reliable leaker, Kopite7kimi. Based on his latest tweets, it looks like AMD and NVIDIA will be offering double-digit performance gains with their next-generation GeForce RTX and Radeon RX graphics cards. AMD & NVIDIA Aiming To Offer Double-Digit Performance Gains With Next-Gen
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NVIDIA To Host GeForce Special Event on 1st September, Will Announce Next-Gen Ampere Gaming ‘GeForce RTX’ Graphics Cards

After the first official teaser of its next-generation GeForce RTX gaming graphics cards yesterday, NVIDIA has announced that it will be hosting a special GeForce Event on 1st September. NVIDIA’s CEO, Jensen Huang, will host the special GeForce event which will be delivered in a digital and pre-recorded format, similar to the GTC 2020 Digital
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NVIDIA Ampere GA100 GPU Rumored Specifications Detailed – 8192 CUDA Cores, Up To 48 GB HBM2e Memory, Up To 2.2 GHz Clocks & 300W TDP

As NVIDIA’s GTC 2020 closes in, contemporary specifications of the Ampere GA100 GPU were leaked which once again reveals that the next-gen GPU architecture from the inexperienced team goes to be an absolute beast of a Compute powerhouse. NVIDIA Ampere GPU Specs Rumored To Encompass 8192 CUDA Cores, Up To 48 GB HBM2e Memory &
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