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Distributers In Pakistan Go Bonkers: Asking Scalped Prices For 4-Year Old Refurbished GPUs, ASUS Sets Insane MSRPs For South Asian Market

Earlier this calendar year, we released a tale about how the bulk of distributors inside of the South Asian and Center Japanese marketplaces never perform properly with prospects and most of the time, even with best tier makes and partners of NVIDIA, AMD, & Intel. The GPU predicament is a thing that has influenced the
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NVIDIA & AMD GPU Prices Recovery Halts As Graphics Cards Start Getting Expensive Once Again But With Sustained Availability

NVIDIA and AMD GPU-based graphics cards are once again getting expensive after showing signs of recovery earlier this quarter. The latest report from 3DCenter shows that while GPU availability has now reached sustainable levels, the main pricing issue still hasn’t been resolved and graphics cards are showing an upward trend in terms of pricing. NVIDIA’s
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