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NVIDIA Ada Lovelace ‘GeForce RTX’ & AMD RDNA 3 ‘Radeon RX’ Next-Generation GPUs Rumored To Be More Than Twice As Fast Than Ampere & RDNA 2

Information regarding the next-generation GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD has been rumored by the reliable leaker, Kopite7kimi. Based on his latest tweets, it looks like AMD and NVIDIA will be offering double-digit performance gains with their next-generation GeForce RTX and Radeon RX graphics cards. AMD & NVIDIA Aiming To Offer Double-Digit Performance Gains With Next-Gen
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NVIDIA H100 ‘Hopper’ GPU: Monster Graphics Card With 100 Billion Transistors Across 2 Dies, 43008 CUDA Cores And 48 GB HBM4 Memory

NVIDIA is organizing an MCM-centered architecture named Hopper and the comprehensive presentation has just leaked out. I couldn’t have my annually cup of espresso with Jensen this year owing to the coronavirus, but we had a meeting on Zoom and he agreed to share some significant-resolution slides of NVIDIA’s impending designs. Not only do we
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NVIDIA’s Ampere GPUs Based on TSMC’s 7nm Node, Next-Gen Hopper GPUs Based on Samsung’s 5nm EUV Process, Alleges Rumor – Mass Production Begins This Quarter

In a brand unusual fable, ChinaTimes has reported that NVIDIA’s Ampere GPUs are indeed going to utilize TSMC’s 7nm process node skills whereas the subsequent-skills Hopper GPU family would possibly possibly be based on the Samsung 5nm EUV process node. NVIDIA’s Ampere Fabricated on TSMC’s 7nm Route of, Subsequent-Gen Hopper GPUs on Samsung’s 5nm EUV
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