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Graphics DRAM Prices Expected To Rise By As Much As 13% In The Contract Market, PC Market & Console Manufacturing Are Large Contributors

There are a lot of components that have contributed to the ongoing graphics card shortage, and a person of them has been the graphics DRAM costs. With selling prices up 200% more than the typical in the agreement industry and up 100% in excess of the ordinary in the place marketplace, graphics DRAM is highly-priced
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Already Rising RAM Prices Continue Rising With A Predicted Price Increase Of Up To 23% For 2Q21

Graphics cards are by now in a serious lack and particular CPUs are quick on offer like the AMD Ryzen 5900X and the Intel Main i9-11900K. The rise of the Chia Coin could build a hard drive and SSD scarcity and RAM is already rather short on source triggering value boosts. TrendForce has enhanced its
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