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Sony PlayStation 5 Pro Targetting Late 2023-2024 Launch, Pricing at Around $600-$700 Premium 8K Gaming Segment

Sony is also arranging to refresh its personal PlayStation 5 console with a Professional variant that will deal with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S refresh planned sometime all around late 2023-2024. The new console would pack a new AMD SOC featuring bigger functionality but remaining a Professional console, Sony is incredibly very likely to place it
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Sony PS5 Vs. Xbox Series X Technical Analysis: Why The PS5’s 10.3 TFLOPs Figure Is Misleading

We have preliminary specs of both the Microsoft Xbox Series X (XSX) and Sony Ps5 and it be time to manufacture a short prognosis of their graphics capabilities. Before we initiate, a primer: this text depends mostly easiest on the tips released by both firms and their execution and dealing with of said free up.
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