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AMD Brings RDNA 2 GPU Architecture To TESLA Model S & Model X Autonomous Cars, 10 TFLOPs APU For Infotainment System

AMD has officially confirmed that it is bringing its RDNA 2 GPU architecture to Tesla’s Model X & Model S autonomous cars. The architecture will be powering the infotainment system, offering insane amounts of compute performance. AMD Confirms RDNA 2 GPU Architecture To Power Tesla Infotainment System on Model S & Model X Autonomous Cars
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NVIDIA May Potentially Utilize TSMC’s CoWoS Packaging for the Next-Generation GPUs

NVIDIA is perchance amongst one of many three well-known purchasers that would possibly perhaps construct utilize of TSMC’s CoWoS packaging, the opposite two purchasers being Xilinx and HiSilicon, in step with a new myth by DigiTimes. CoWoS, or Chip-on-Wafer-on-Substrate, is a 2.5D packaging technology that integrates more than one chiplets onto a single interposer. This
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