How to change your monitor's refresh rate (and why gamers should check pronto)

Bumping up your resolution or display dimensions is excellent, but a single of the most important features of gaming visuals arrive down to an essential difficulty: frame rates. The far more frames your graphics card can push out every next, and that your observe can screen with out tearing or stuttering, the greater the gaming encounter. More rapidly displays offer a smoother expertise for the duration of typical desktop usage as nicely.

But did you know that high refresh fee screens on Home windows often do not increase their likely out of the box? Even if your in-game body counter is displaying over 100 frames for every next, your exhibit may possibly really be caught at 60Hz, relatively than the 144Hz-plus speeds you compensated for. Bigger frames coming from your GPU even now give visual advancements even at a common monitor refresh fee, but which is not why you bought that killer exhibit.

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