R.I.P. RTX 3080 12GB – you shouldn't have existed in the first place

Nvidia is speculated to have stopped manufacturing for its GeForce RTX 3080 12GB graphics card, the a lot more impressive variant of the primary RTX 3080 GPU.

It&aposs vital to take note that this isn&apost an official announcement so acquire this data with a pinch of salt, but Twitter user and GPU enthusiast @Zed_Wang claims that the card will no longer be developed by Nvidia due to falling prices, producing “Immediately after the spectacular value drop of 3080Ti, 3080 12G now has the identical price as 3080Ti and that is why Nvidia decides to stop sending 3080 12G chips to the AIC”.

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We have to think about this a rumor offered the deficiency of an formal supply, but we have contacted Nvidia for clarification.

With the current cryptocurrency marketplace collapse, the current market has been flooded with inexpensive, used graphics cards as cryptominers consider to promote off tools to recoup their losses. This, coupled with the organic easing of the ongoing chip scarcity indicates that for the to start with time in virtually two many years, graphics playing cards are out there at MSRP.

It&aposs standard of GPU makers to minimize production right before the start of a new generation of playing cards in buy to free up some area. More mature hardware will however be suitable for some time, specifically if the current-gen playing cards see a spectacular drop in price when the RTX 4080 arrives, but frequently speaking, far more of Nvidia&aposs notice wants to be targeted on producing Lovelace playing cards.

As noted by Computer Gamer, GPU charges on Newegg are a rather superior consultant of the situation. There are currently five designs detailed at beneath $800, two of which are 12GB variants which are possible impacting the presumed generate to market off current 10GB variations of the card, which is a quite unattractive present if the 12GB a person is the identical rate.

Presented this, the rationalization that the RTX 3080 Ti is promoting for the very same total as the RTX 3080 12GB appears to be legit: there is no sense in continuing to produce a card that is protecting against income of other surplus GPUs, especially one that was most likely made to avert chip wastage.

Impression: It was dumb to have two RTX 3080s in the very first put

The RTX 3080 12GB was 1st rumored again in December 2021, and when it was ultimately unveiled it was exposed to only be a incredibly minor up grade from the initial RTX 3080 GPU.

In fact, Nvidia may possibly have initially planned to fall strategies to make it at all, as rumors at the time went back and forth among anticipation for a release and ideas that Nvidia wouldn&apost be launching the card. It&aposs not unusual for anticipated graphics cards to be canceled and then uncanceled behind the scenes, but it does build some suspicion.

The most possible reason as to why we acquired two distinct variants of the RTX 3080 is that at the time of launch, GPUs had been still tougher to occur by than gold dust. It&aposs minor surprise why specified we now know that cryptominers used virtually $15 billion US bucks on cards above the last two yrs, which probable contributed to (if not instantly prompted) the scarcity. That, paired with artificial inflation, resulted in GPUs getting wildly overpriced.

This indicates the RTX 3080 12GB was probably a consolidation from Nvidia to attempt and get much more graphics playing cards onto the marketplace to bridge the mammoth-sized pricing hole amongst the first RTX 3080 10GB and the RTX 3080 Ti or RTX 3090

It&aposs also likely that these playing cards had been developed to avert wastage. Chips meant for additional strong cards may possibly not have handed inspection, leaving Nvidia with a pile of hardware far too underpowered to slap into an RTX 3090 and far too effective for the RTX 3080. It makes sense to use them instead than squander them, so it&aposs tough to imagine the RTX 3080 12GB was an intended design and not just an prospect for recycling.

This isn&apost an unusual follow in GPU producing. There&aposs some great evidence to advise that a very similar predicament occurred with chips supposed for the RTX 3080 Ti final year. Nonetheless, producing two SKUs for the very same GPU feels unnecessarily puzzling for shoppers, and the sheer amount of money of playing cards made by equally Nvidia and AMD felt a tad too much toward the conclusion of this present era.

This saturation was very likely to deal with the source issues, so I really hope that we get a miracle this release. Much less SKUs, improved stock, and regular pricing are almost extremely hard to assurance but delivering the crypto current market remains wounded, we might have a chance to invest in a Lovelace or RDNA3 GPU at a realistic rate next launch.

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